It’s OK to not know what you want.

Not knowing what specific video you want to make is a perfectly valid position for you to be in.

In the same way, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to request a menu at the restaurant before you order. Sometimes you go to the Nepalese place with a specific dish you’re craving. Other times, you just don’t know. Again, that’s fine, you can absolutely do that!

What you cannot do, however, is ask the chef to cook you all the items from the menu just so you can look at them and decide which dish you want to pay for.

I suppose that might be technically possible if you paid for all the dishes in advance.

But since it isn’t possible to pay for all the videos that can be made about your product/service/company in advance, it might make more sense to concentrate on ordering the right video from the menu.

So we’re back to where we started. What if you don’t know what video you want? That’s ok.

It’s not your job to know it. Your only job is to communicate. And communication is two-way, right? Speaking and listening.

You will increase the chances of a successful creative partnership by simply telling your video producer that you’re not sure what you want. Tell them what results you would like. And then listen to your video producer’s suggestions.